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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tag, You're It! Blog Hop

Tag, You're It! Blog Hop

Today Dana Delamar, author of the romantic suspense thriller saga, tagged me. She writes the amazing saga, The Blood and Honor Series. She tagged me for the 
You're It! Blog Hop. Here's how it works:

I answer the following four questions, then tag three others. Here we go!

1. What are you working on now?
I'm working on my new series. It's about a special
operative paranormal romantic suspense series.
The first book in the series is Tequila Darlin Storm. 
It's about special operative that's  hiding from the Alpha from the North Star pack. He's looking for her to force her to mate. She knows in her heart that the Chosen is out somewhere. She's waiting for the day that they would meet to fulfill the prophesy.  

2. How does it differ from other work in its genre?
This series is different because my other romantic suspense thrillers are about about meeting your soul mate, passion, love, and suspense.
This series is about special operative paranormal series with several different species. This special operative team works for the government. The government doesn't have a clue that they're another species. They believe they have special abilities and that’s why they were recruited.
The special op team has its own agenda. They're the paranormal enforcers that monitor and protect the humans from the renegades.

3. Why do you write?
write because I love writing the stories that live in my dreams. Its a passion  that fills my soul. 

I'ave always dreamed of writing. I wanted to write since I was young. Life took me on another path. 

I woke up approximately two years ago. I thought, I need to write all of these stories in my head. The De La Cruz familia wouldn't let me be. 

4. How does your writing process work?
I sit down to write, write, and write. I then send it to get edited. 

I  don't have a plan. I have a rough outline in my head of storyline and the scenes. The story flows out. 

Now I get to tag three amazing authors. 
I tag ~
Danta Mason
Kathleen Tighe Ball
Ashen White 

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