Monday, November 17, 2014

Mystical Xmas Box Set By Mystical Box Set Babes

A group of amazing talented authors are working hard to bring you the Mystical Box Sets by the Mystical Box Set Babes!

1-click it.It's less than a cup of coffee! I know you'll love it!!This is for a great cause! Our children need you.
The first box set is available now!

Please look out for - 
Mystical Xmas - Available Now!

Mystical New Love -  Dec. 2014

Mystical Royal Love - Feb. 2015

Mystical Summer Love - May 2015

Mystical Hot Military Love - July 2015

These stories will be long stories, except for the Mystical New love due to the short time frame to write them for you!

P.T. Macias, Author Headline Animator

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