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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thy Hearts Desire by P.T. Macias


You're going to love it!! You gotta meet Ruin! He's sexy, dangerous, and ruthless!

Enjoy the excerpt!!
The sun shines brightly, illuminating the day. The stunning autumn colorful leaves fly in the air, falling on the sidewalk. The wind blows rapidly through the town square, cloaking the citizens, and sending a chill up their back as they walk to get to work.
Sofia Rose exits the side street across from the town square, holding her laptop bag in her hand. Her black leather purse swings at her side as she walks down the street and then she takes a step onto the sidewalk of the town square.
Sofia Rose extends her long legs as she takes long strides; the black leather high heels tap on the concrete as she hurries down the walkway to get to the bank.
She pulls her white wool coat closer to her. Her long black hair blows around her. She blinks rapidly, trying to shed the tears that the air generated, from the red rim of her eyelids. The crystal tears nestle on her thick black lashes, sparkling like diamonds.
The cold air stings her cheeks, turning them bright red, and her lips are slightly dry.
Oh damn, this is not good. I don’t want to look like I’m a wreck. I know that Bartz will be here today. I’m so fucking nervous!
I need to get to the bank before he does. I have to be ready. What the fuck! How in the world did this happen? How did the cybercriminals break through the firewall? The Bartz Bank has the strongest firewall in the industry!
She looks down at the black leather strapped watch. The white crystals around the face shine brightly with the sun’s rays and puckers her full red lips. She looks over at the front of the bank, frowning.
“Damn it! It’s six in the morning and there’s a fucking car parked in front of the bank! Can it really be Mr. Bartz?”
She stops and looks at the car and then at the front of the bank. The lights are turned on and a man walks behind the counter.
Sofia Rose bites her lower lip, groaning. Damn it! It looks like he’s here before I am. Why would anyone be here so damn early? Really?
Sofia Rose starts to walk at a slower pace. Her eyes look at the expensive silver BMW and at the bank windows. Her eyes move rapidly, trying to gather as much information as possible.
Oh fuck! It has to be Mr. Bartz. I’m a bundle of nerves. Fuck! This is hell! I’m going to meet the Bartz CEO and also the man that sets me on fire from across the land. The fucking forces that he emits through the television started this deep throb in my heart, a reverence in my soul, and an aching body that demands to have him near.
Sofia Rose walks across the street and towards the front door. She stops and looks through the glass pane, pursing her lips. Her wide clear violet eyes sparkle, unable to contain her excitement.
I should be worried but I’m not. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m anxious to be meet him, to see if he is my heart’s desire. Can it really be possible that he is? What will happen if he is? I always wondered about this moment.
She takes a deep breath and extends her hand to open the glass door, expecting it to be opened. The door is closed. She bounces into the door, startled, and releases the handle. Her huge clear violet eyes look into the bank’s hallway, biting her lower lip. A soft flush creeps up her neck, spreading over her face.
Sofia Rose stands straight and raises her right hand to push her hair out of her face. She inhales deeply and takes out the key out of her purse.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I hope that nobody saw me run into the damn door. I hope that Mr. Bartz didn’t hear me. Oh my! What if he saw me in the surveillance monitor?”
She bites her lower lip, closing her eyes. The thick long black eyelashes rest against her flushed cheeks.
Okay, I’m okay. I don’t think that he did see me, well I fucking hope not. I have to get this over with because I can’t breathe. My heart feels painfully constricted.
She inhales deeply and slowly exhales. Then she inhales again, opening her eyes to look through the door glass pane and nods. She slides the key into the deadbolt and opens the door. She exhales, not realizing that she was holding her breath.
Sofia Rose steps into the hallway and turns to lock the door.
She turns around and walks down the hallway and stops. She looks over at the bank’s counter.
I thought that I saw someone there. I must be imagining it.
She shakes her head and then continues walking towards her office. She stops at the door and takes off her white wool coat and hangs it on the coat rack in the hallway. She gathers her long hair and adjusts it and throws the long strands over her shoulder. She puckers her full red lips and closes her beautiful clear light violet eyes.
He must be in my office. What should I do? Should I knock? Should I walk in since it is my office? Oh my. . . . . my stomach just turned over. Damn, my blood is running wild and it’s searing through my veins. He is my soulmate; I can feel his soul sear into mine. He’s my heart’s desire but what does it mean? I mean, will he also know? I’m totally scared and happy to meet him.
She raises her shaking hand and pushes her hair away from her face. She stares at her name engraved on the chrome plate that is mounted on the closed wooden door.
I’m scared for my job, but more than anything, I’m scared of Mr. Bartz not recognizing our bond. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. Now, what?
She squares her shoulders and stands tall, lifting her jaw up into the air. She smiles and knocks on the door.
Niko looks up at the door, frowning, and pulls up to the desk, placing his huge hands on the top of the desk. His lips compress firmly and then he speaks up. His voice booms through the thick wooden doors as he pushes the chair back and stands.
His black wool jacket swings open, and he adjust the pants on his slim waist. The black wool pants fit perfectly and his thick fingers slide below the waistband to adjust the white shirt.
“Enter, Ms. Nielson.”

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