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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Calm Before The Storm by Tamaria Soana

The Calm Before The Storm
  by Tamaria Soana 

This is a Domestic Violence
 Awareness Short Story

The last two years of Erica Bloom’s life have been spent looking over her shoulder. Sawyer Marsh promised the day she filed for divorce and left him, that if he couldn't have her no one would. Even though Sawyer hasn’t contacted her in two years she’s still feared for her life. She remembers all too well the nightmare their marriage was and what it felt to be on the receiving end of his wrath.

The news of Sawyer’s engagement allows Erica to finally let her guard down and enjoy her new life and budding relationship with Brock Maxwell. 

While away relaxing at Brock’s vacation home on the Willow Lake, the past comes back to haunt her. Were the past few years just the calm before the storm? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Three Days at the Lake by Lori Beth Johnson

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias 
Readers Lovers Casa!

Spotlight Tour for Three Days at the Lake by Lori Beth Johnson

Genre: Romance

Amanda and Nick were the all-American couple with a perfect little family. Yet, nothing could have prepared them for the ultimate tragedy that struck and tore their family apart. 

Years later they are forced to face each other and what happened on that gut-wrenching day. Can blame and guilt be overcome? Can a dormant love heal old wounds? For Nick and Amanda, it is the only chance they’ve got.

Amanda stood at the window watching Nick at the dock. He'd been out in a canoe and now simply sat with his feet dangling, throwing rocks into the lake. She grabbed a light jacket and walked outside to join him.

"Having fun?" She sat, but bent her knees to keep her feet on the dock.

He didn't look at her as he picked up some more rocks. "Sure, just passing the time, I guess."

She nodded. "It's almost like we're prisoners here."

"Tell me about it." He threw another rock so hard that the water splashed around their feet.

"You really do not want to be here with me, do you?"

"I just don't see the point."

"I don't either, but Jake must have thought there was one."

"I'm sure that he thought we'd talk all weekend, maybe make up."

"Make up? We didn't break up. We got divorced." She reached up and tucked her brown straight locks behind her ears so that they would stop blowing in her face.

"Don't you think I know that?"

"Well, the way you made it sound…."

"I was just saying what Jake did, or what I thought he did." He sighed. "Hell, I don't know."

"You really think that's what he wanted?"

"Why else would he want us to do this?" She shrugged and he went on. "This place was special to us."

"Yeah. He let us use it for our honeymoon weekend so we didn't have to spend a lot of money that we'd need for the baby."

"Jake was a good guy."

"He really was. And we did have a great honeymoon." She grinned. "In spite of my baby bump."

Nick closed his eyes and squeezed before blinking them back open. "We did, and that baby bump was adorable."

She touched her flat stomach and an old ache settled there. "We were so happy then."

"Funny how things change."


"Ironic, maybe. It's just weird how one event can turn your whole world upside down and change everything."

"I know." She stood. "I've got bread baking so I better get back inside."

"See you later."


 photo 0a71d02f-3b55-4076-8263-5cbeccf4d52b_zpse0582dea.jpg

If Lori Beth had to choose one word to describe herself, it would be dreamer. Beginning with the daydreams of her youth, she has spent her life spinning stories of love and family. After spending many years on a winding career path that began in retail management and included three-fun years teaching middle school English, Lori Beth decided to get serious with this thing called writing. She now works part-time in higher education student services so that she can devote as much time as possible to her craft.

Lori Beth has a B.S. in Elementary Education and is ever so slowly pursuing a M.A. in European History. She is a fervent believer in lifelong learning that can, but doesn't have to, include formal education. Music is her muse, books are her passion, and she is an avid sports fan. Go Colts! Go Reds!

Family, friendships, and social issues are central to her character-driven stories. Sometimes steamy, sometimes sweet, and often set in small towns, her tales will surely find a way into your heart.

Lori Beth and her husband reside in southern Indiana and have three children: two sons in college and one daughter in high school.

  Author Links: Site  Facebook 

Join Lori Beth Johnson on September 28th as we do a live chat at 5 PM EST at Crimson Frost Books Discussion Group

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Six-Pack Stud-a-thon Blog Hop and Giveaway

 Francis Cura is gorgeous! 
Francesco Cura aka Francis J Cura
Francis is absolutely the perfect image for the De La Cruz Saga. His photos of him in different looks enabled me to use him as my book cover images of the primos (cousins). I love how he looks in different ages. He also looks awesome in black and white. 
For Hot & Spicy, Jose Enrique De La Cruz is the eldest primo (cousin). He's the CEO of the De La Cruz, Inc. I love the look that Francis has of maturity, sexuality, and sweet promises that conveys in this photo. 
 US Link:
 UK Link:

In Hot & Forbidden, Nicolas De La Cruz is the second eldest of the primos. Nicolas is hot, sensitive, and captivating. This photo of Francis is the perfect image of Nicolas. This photo encompasses the amor (love), possessiveness, protectiveness, and devotion he has for Daniella.

US Link:
UK Link:

Hot & Enchanging, Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the playboy. He's the next eldest of the primos. He has enjoyed the chicas (girls) that pursue him, but deep in his alma (soul) he’s emotionally lonely. Francis photo is the perfect image of the captivating, gorgeous, and lonely Ricky.  

US Link:
UK Link:

Hot & Wild, I love this look of Francis. He looks sexy, intense, and fierce. He looks  ready to take on the world. I loved this photo to portray Christian De La Cruz. Christian is a Navy Seal. He loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex. He enjoys the thrill of conquering the enemy when on a mission and the chicas when he’s on leave. Christian is a carefree bachelor relishing his life. Christian was born after Alex. 
UK ~

Hot & Spoiled, Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz. Francis looks stubborn, assertive, and sexy. This picture embodies Tony's stubbornness and sexual nature.Tony was born after Christian.



Hot & Adorable,   Francis is perfect for Alejandro Andres De La Cruz. He appears to be hiding a secret. Alex lives a double life. Alex is the doctor. He's hot, sexy, and a very warm caring hombre (man). He was born right after after Ricky.   

Hot & Naughty, Francis is perfect for Francisco Javier De La Cruz. He has the right image that personifies Javier's  look. Javier is the youngest primo in the familia. He enlisted in the Navy to get away from his amor and temptation. He's waiting for the right moment to claim what's his.   
Razer 8 by P.T. Macias 
I would love you to meet Loco and Ghost! They my hot new operatives from my new series Razer 8. The delta force operatives, Razer 8, made a promise to be united and linked for infinity. They have the infinity symbol tattoo.“Good morning, Officers,” says Commander Knight. He stands straight in front of the room. “I want to welcome you to the new Delta Force team. The name Razer was selected because you will be able to raze any entity, country, or structure in the world.”
Commander Knight observes each team operative. He needs to register their commitment, excitement and aspiration.
“The agency believes each one of you will be the best operative in the world, in your field of expertise. Every single officer on this team was selected because of his outstanding skills, education, and physical condition. Each operative has a special talent or ability that will be honed to excellence. Each of you will undergo an extensive training that will take you high into the realms of the infinite power. Your training starts now!”
The eight operatives stand straight, proud, and anxious to start the next phase in their military career. Each one has a reason, a dream, and need to be a Delta Force operative.
Months later, the eight operatives are celebrating their accomplishments. Their training is over. Each one has excelled in every facet of their training. Their bond is strong, absolute, and invincible.
Infinity is the name taken by Razer 8, the Special Delta Force operators. The infinite power Razer 8 team operators are an offensive team working against the drug cartel, drug dealers, and all types of terrorist groups. The U. S. Delta Force Special Operations Unit, organized for the conduct of missions, requires that the Delta Force team be highly adaptable and completely self-sufficient. Those men know that they can rely on one another when they have no one else. This is their new family!
Ready to read Loco?  Enter to win him! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Great Fall Equinox Release Day Hop!!

Hello and Welcome to my stop on The Great Fall Equinox Release Day Hop!!  I am giving away (insert your giveaway here). A big thank you to Victoria Danann and her newest addition Gathering Storm for our huge grand prize:  

LISTOPIA One More Chapter’s Top Books of September 
The Order of the Black Swan, Book 5. 
Release date September 19th, 90k words 

GENRE: fantasy romance, scifi romance, paranormal romance 

"…a complete rollercoaster ride.”- Hooked on Books 

", very exciting, a really fun read." -Vampire Romance 

"…like a many layered dessert." - A Tale of Two Books. 

“…a must read.” – Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust 

READING THIS SERIAL SAGA IN ORDER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Try before you buy. Book 1, My Familiar Stranger, is permafree everywhere. 

Legendary Black Swan knight, Sir Engel Storm, is REALLY not himself. B Team reunites to try and preserve his reputation. Jefferson Unit is left defended by a skeleton crew of scoundrels when Ralengclan launch an assassination attempt on Elora Laiken. This book explores two age old questions. Do you believe in destiny? Do you think any part of it is predetermined by fate? 

; ; ;

and a big thank you to the co-sponsors: 

Blood Brothers by Susan Arden 
Love's a Witch by Hope Welsh 
Underneath It All by Cassandra Carr 
From Chemo...with Love by Teresa Jones 
Lust Emergency: Uniform Encounters 3 by Morticia Knight 
Halo's Wish by Sharon Kleve 
Wunder, Book 2: Reunion 
Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan 
Pink Girl by Kate Baum 
Speakeasy Dead by Vicky Loebel 
Burlesque! Le Cirque d'Amour by Michelle Fox 
Vampire's Fortune, Fortune Teller's Curse by Kara Ashley Dey 
Leap of Faith by Michelle Cary 
The Heart of a Hunter by Natalie-Nicole Bates 
The Sheikh's Crowning by Gemma Juliana 
A Knight of Passion by Tarah Scott 
Wicked Secrets by Eliza Lloyd 
Loco, Razer 8 and Ghost by P.T Macais 
Alpha by Fierce Dolan 
Tunneling For Revenge by Travis K. Sharpe 
Fast Balls by Tara Lain 
Bedroom Games by Charity Parkerson 
Armed and Desired by DC Stone 
Consume Me by Paige Matthews 

Grand Prize: 


(One) Grand Prize: Kindle Fire (U.S.only) plus $100 Amazon Gift Card plus e-copies of all sponsored releases

(Two) First Prizes: $100 Amazon Gift Card plus e-copies of all sponsored releases 

(Three) Second Prizes: One e-book from every participating author. 

my giveaway info here 


COME TOGETHER, Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins

Another Shot At Love by Niecey Roy

Imogen Gorecki has a problem—her twin sister just got engaged, and guess who’s the best man? That’s right, her scum-of-an-ex-boyfriend whom she caught cheating with a bottle-blonde, with fake breasts and a stripper’s flexibility. There’s a disturbing possibility her eyes will never recover.
Gen needs a date for the engagement party, but finding Mr. Perfect in a time crunch is proving impossible. Just when she’s about to give up, she face-plants into the crotch of the sexiest guy she’s ever met.
Matt Sesnick is everything Gen wants in a man —except he’s not interested in a relationship. Can she convince Matt to take another shot at love, or will Gen’s pregnant, hormonal older sister, her bridezilla twin, and all of her past Mr. Wrongs get in the way of their happily-ever-after?
Author Bio-
Niecey Roy knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but her moment of enlightenment came after watching the movie You’ve Got Mail. It was then she realized her place in life, and happily parked her butt on writing romance. Her dream was to create sexy vixens, hunky, half-naked heroes, and above all, romance; lots and lots of butterflies in the belly, breathless first kisses and happily-ever-afters.
When she’s not at her day job where she works as a legal assistant, she can be found at home at a cluttered desk, pounding her tired little fingers away on a keyboard with nothing but black pepper flavored sunflower seeds and Visine as her weapons for mass-romance-novel-creation. When her fingers need a break, you’ll find her at a table with friends, drinking a few martinis and showing off a new pair of (sometimes ridiculous) high heels. She’s usually the loudest at the table and most often the one snorting with laughter.   
Niecey is the author of Fender Bender Blues, a contemporary romantic comedy published by The Wild Rose Press. Her new novel to be released November 2013, Another Shot At Love, is the first novel in the What’s Love??? series.