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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Six-Pack Stud-a-thon Blog Hop and Giveaway

 Francis Cura is gorgeous! 
Francesco Cura aka Francis J Cura
Francis is absolutely the perfect image for the De La Cruz Saga. His photos of him in different looks enabled me to use him as my book cover images of the primos (cousins). I love how he looks in different ages. He also looks awesome in black and white. 
For Hot & Spicy, Jose Enrique De La Cruz is the eldest primo (cousin). He's the CEO of the De La Cruz, Inc. I love the look that Francis has of maturity, sexuality, and sweet promises that conveys in this photo. 
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In Hot & Forbidden, Nicolas De La Cruz is the second eldest of the primos. Nicolas is hot, sensitive, and captivating. This photo of Francis is the perfect image of Nicolas. This photo encompasses the amor (love), possessiveness, protectiveness, and devotion he has for Daniella.

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Hot & Enchanging, Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the playboy. He's the next eldest of the primos. He has enjoyed the chicas (girls) that pursue him, but deep in his alma (soul) he’s emotionally lonely. Francis photo is the perfect image of the captivating, gorgeous, and lonely Ricky.  

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Hot & Wild, I love this look of Francis. He looks sexy, intense, and fierce. He looks  ready to take on the world. I loved this photo to portray Christian De La Cruz. Christian is a Navy Seal. He loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex. He enjoys the thrill of conquering the enemy when on a mission and the chicas when he’s on leave. Christian is a carefree bachelor relishing his life. Christian was born after Alex. 
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Hot & Spoiled, Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz. Francis looks stubborn, assertive, and sexy. This picture embodies Tony's stubbornness and sexual nature.Tony was born after Christian.



Hot & Adorable,   Francis is perfect for Alejandro Andres De La Cruz. He appears to be hiding a secret. Alex lives a double life. Alex is the doctor. He's hot, sexy, and a very warm caring hombre (man). He was born right after after Ricky.   

Hot & Naughty, Francis is perfect for Francisco Javier De La Cruz. He has the right image that personifies Javier's  look. Javier is the youngest primo in the familia. He enlisted in the Navy to get away from his amor and temptation. He's waiting for the right moment to claim what's his.   
Razer 8 by P.T. Macias 
I would love you to meet Loco and Ghost! They my hot new operatives from my new series Razer 8. The delta force operatives, Razer 8, made a promise to be united and linked for infinity. They have the infinity symbol tattoo.“Good morning, Officers,” says Commander Knight. He stands straight in front of the room. “I want to welcome you to the new Delta Force team. The name Razer was selected because you will be able to raze any entity, country, or structure in the world.”
Commander Knight observes each team operative. He needs to register their commitment, excitement and aspiration.
“The agency believes each one of you will be the best operative in the world, in your field of expertise. Every single officer on this team was selected because of his outstanding skills, education, and physical condition. Each operative has a special talent or ability that will be honed to excellence. Each of you will undergo an extensive training that will take you high into the realms of the infinite power. Your training starts now!”
The eight operatives stand straight, proud, and anxious to start the next phase in their military career. Each one has a reason, a dream, and need to be a Delta Force operative.
Months later, the eight operatives are celebrating their accomplishments. Their training is over. Each one has excelled in every facet of their training. Their bond is strong, absolute, and invincible.
Infinity is the name taken by Razer 8, the Special Delta Force operators. The infinite power Razer 8 team operators are an offensive team working against the drug cartel, drug dealers, and all types of terrorist groups. The U. S. Delta Force Special Operations Unit, organized for the conduct of missions, requires that the Delta Force team be highly adaptable and completely self-sufficient. Those men know that they can rely on one another when they have no one else. This is their new family!
Ready to read Loco?  Enter to win him! 

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