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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nicolas Christmas Gift by P.T. Macias

Nicolas Christmas Gift

The snow is falling softly and covering the world with a pure white coat. The night stars glow and the full moon casts a light that causes the snow to sparkle.

Samantha walks through the snow pulling her scarf tighter around her neck. She looks at all of the homes lit up with Christmas lights. She shivers from loneliness not from the cold.

Oh my lord, I feel so lonely. Josh never returned my calls. I wonder if he’s moved on? I really thought that he could be the one. I think that I was wrong, she thinks.

Several tears fall down her flushed cheeks. She walks on towards her small home. She looks at the cute little home that her Mom left her.

I know I made the right choice. Yes, I had to stay with my Mom. I couldn't leave her when I knew she wasn't going to make it. The doctors couldn't save her.

Josh wanted to me to fly out to stay with him for a while in San Francisco. He was pissed when I told him that I couldn't go. He thought that I didn’t want to. For some reason he didn’t believe my Mom was ill. I know he thought that I was looking for excuses not to leave my Mom, she thinks.
Wow, my home looks lonely and dark. I haven’t had the strength to put up the Christmas lights. I’m glad I lit the fireplace before I went for a walk. I’m going to  make a cup of hot chocolate, thinks Sam.

She walks into the kitchen and sets the kettle on the stove. She leans against the counter, looking at the Christmas tree. Tears fall down her face. She shivers and pulls her sweater tighter and crosses her arms.

The doorbell rings, startling Sam. She looks at the door, frowning. Who in the world could be out on Christmas Eve? she thinks.

She walks towards the door. She looks out through the window. Oh, wow! It’s Nicolas Adams, my best friend!

Sam urgently opens the door and squeals with delight. “Nick!” yells Sam. She runs into his open arms and wraps her arms around his neck. She turns to kiss his cheek.

Nick pulls her close and he turns to kiss her on the lips. He kisses her softly until she opens her mouth.
Oh hell yes, she’s home. I was afraid that I’d lost her. I have to tell her tonight. I can’t live like this, he thinks.

Oh lord, Nick is kissing me. Huh, he tastes wonderful. We never kissed before, she thinks. She responds to his kiss with hunger, holding on tighter.

Nick moans with pleasure, tasting her deeply. He pulls away to kiss her down her jaw to her neck.

“Angel, I've missed you. My family is having Christmas Eve dinner. I want to spend Christmas Eve with you. I love you,” whispers Nick.

Sam pulls back, surprised. Wow! Nick loves me? I thought he wasn't interested in me. I've always loved him.

He gazes into her eyes. I want real hot passionate love from my woman. Oh damn, she loves me, he thinks.

“Nick, I love you!” whispers Sam, blushing.

Nick picks her up in his arms, kissing her deeply, as he steps inside and close the door behind them.