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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Wolff's Love By P.T. Macias

I'm sharing a small excerpt of my story that's in the Mystical New Love box set!

I hope you enjoy it!! 

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A Wolff's Love By P.T. Macias

Hot Excerpt!! 


Ruby is sleeping in her bedroom after a long day at school and at the research lab. The new classes are demanding and she wants to do her best to graduate at the top of her class, along with Cody.

The night is warm. The gentle breeze drifts into the window, tossing the drapes in a slow sensual dance. The room is dark, with only the moonlight casting a soft glow.

The beautiful wolf jumps over the window frame and into the room. His beautiful glowing green eyes watch her sleep. His hair is beautiful, in varied shades of blond. Very slowly, he creeps up to her. Hell, I need to smell her delicious scent.

He watches her inhale and exhale, watching her breasts rise and fall, in a rhythmic pace. He moves a little closer, sniffing her hand on the edge of the bed. He softly licks her hand.

Ruby shifts. She turns onto her side, moving her hand. She opens her beautiful soft brown eyes wide. Omg, it’s the same wolf that comes to my room every night. She stares at him trying not to yell. He was licking my hand.

She remains still, gazing into the wolf’s beautiful green eyes. Oh wow, his eyes look exactly like Cody’s eyes. I swear, I’m gazing into Cody’s eyes.

The wolf moves slowly. He leans his head closer to her hand. He licks her hand very slowly, watching her.

Ruby remains still, terrified that the wolf will bite her. Oh wow, he’s not vicious. He only wants to lick me. She moves her hand slowly to rub his right ear. She watches the wolf close his eyes.

Oh wow, she’s sweet. I can’t keep away from her. He watches her close her eyes. Cody shifts into his body, sliding in next to her.

Ruby opens her eyes, startled. “Where did you come from?”

“Angel.” He whispers next to ear. He leans in to kiss her deeply and pulls her into his hungry arms.
                                                        * * *
The research lab is busy with activity and the evening is creeping up. One by one, the student scientists walk out. The sound of the door closing indicates that the last student scientist has left for the day.

Cody types quickly on his PC. “I’m done Ruby, are you? I’m going home a little early tonight.”

Hell, I can’t turn to look at her because I want and need her so badly. I’m going crazy smelling her delicious scent. Hell, I have to get away from her because I’m out of control. I have to take my run.

Ruby nods and looks over at Cody, smiling. Geeze, it’s embarrassing talking to Cody. If he knew about my dreams, omg. I would die from embarrassment. I know that he will never date me. We’ve been friends forever.

“Yeah, that sounds good because I’m so tired. I couldn’t sleep last night.” She blushes, turns away from him. Omg, omg, I’m so stupid.

Cody turns to look at her raising an eyebrow. He gets up from his lab chair, ready to leave. “Why not?”

Hell, she’s blushing. I wonder why. He walks over to her, clenching his jaw. Shit, I have to leave now.

He stands next to her to look at her work. “Well.” He turns to see her blush deeper.

Ruby pushes the shutdown button. She moves her seat back, and stands. She pushes her hair away from her flush face. “I dreamed about that wolf again, I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn't go back to sleep.”

“You’ve been dreaming of that wolf since high school. It’s been a few years since we graduated. I thought your dreams stopped because you never mention the wolf again after we graduated.” He clenches his jaw to control his feelings. Damn it, my wolf has been visiting her at night all these years.

“Yeah, well, it’s too embarrassing. You acted like I was crazy when I told you.” She bites her lower lip. Hell, if he knew that I also dream of him coming to make love to me.

Cody shakes his head and closes his eyes. “I never thought you were crazy Ruby.” Cody shoves his hands into his lab coat to control his need to pull her into his arms. “Well, it’s only a dream, so don’t worry about it because the wolf can’t get you. Um. I need to leave.”

Ruby nods. She grabs her purse. “I’m ready.”
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