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Friday, November 1, 2013

Autumn Harvest Giveaway

 Autumn Harvest

County Girls, Tressa Messenger

Marissa left town as soon as high school ended, 

carrying with her deep dark secrets that she never 

intended to divulge, but once she went back home 

after twenty years for her high school reunion she

knew that was exactly where she wanted to be. 

Once back in her home town in North Carolina it 

all comes rushing back to her, both good and bad,

even the uncontrollable desire for her first love,

who happened to be her best friend’s husband.

Marissa and her three best friends could never 

have imagined the events that would take place 

once these once inseparable County girls are back 

together again or the hot nights that are sure to come.


Luna Sanguis, Simon Okill

1. Gothic vampire romance - A woman on the verge of God-like vampire supremacy is attacked by her evil cult followers and left amnesiac in an asylum as they hunt down her scent to steal all her blood.

Paris 1925. A young woman is nearing her Eternal Vampire state as her birthday approaches. She is held captive by the hybrid vampire she created and slowly drained of her pure blood to keep his addiction in check. She outwits him and escapes to a chateau in the hope of reaching maturity. But he follows her unmistakable scent and massacres all that dare protect his supply of Eternal blood.
She awakens in a tiny room trapped and defenceless with amnesia, but something deep in her subconscious yearns to be set free by the next full moon – the date of her Eternal Birthday.
Her true self, Eternal, emerges in brief flashes of awareness to protect her from the horrors of this terrifying prison. Desperate, she forges an alliance with her true love, a gorgeous young doctor treating her.
But her nemesis is out there somewhere, relishing the hunt for her blood – and nothing will stop him from becoming Eternal. 

The Brevity of Roses, Linda Cassidy Lewis

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards, 2013 Runner-Up in General Fiction

Book 1 of the Bahia de SueƱos Novels

Jalal Vaziri has looks, money, women--and a habit of running from reality. Convinced he's only running from a father who hates him, a career mistake, and endless partying, he abandons Wall Street and reinvents himself as a poet in a California beach house. A fresh start is all he needs. When Meredith, an intriguing older woman enters his life, he believes all his dreams are coming true. But too soon those dreams dissolve into nightmare. Jalal flees again. He's nearing the point of no return when young and feisty Renee blocks his retreat and challenges him to finally face the truth about what he's trying to outrun.

In this contemporary tale of love, loss, and redemption, a desperate man discovers his salvation lies in an unlikely source.

Searching for Moore, Julie Richmond

If your true love was just a Facebook friend request away ... what would you do?

Sexy entrepreneur Schooner Moore never knew why the love of his life, college sweetheart, Mia Silver, disappeared.

Now, two decades later, he finds her on Facebook and is a friend request away from the truth about what ripped them apart and a second chance at the love that was torn from them.

Now if she'll only accept his friend request ...

One true love, two shattered hearts, a single friend request and a second chance at love ...

Searching for Moore is the first book in Schooner and Mia's journey of love, loss and betrayal as they fight for their own happily ever after.

This is the first book of the Needing Moore Series trilogy and is not meant to be read as a stand-alone 

Whisper Cape, Susan Griscom

A Steamy Paranormal Romance/Suspense

5 Stars Phenomenal Book!!! Top Pick Review
- Night Owl Reviews

A powerful woman, an extraordinary man, and a maniac who wants to destroy them. Fate has brought them together, but will it make them stronger or destroy them all in end?

Escape to a world where the impossible becomes possible and sparks ignite.

WHISPER CAPE is a town of secrets and Addison MacKenna soon becomes tangled in a web of them. Plagued with nightmares of her father's sudden and brutal death, Addie struggles with her anguish and refuses to believe his demise was accidental.

Fighting to shake off one of those devastating early morning nightmares, Addison finds it even harder to escape from the vision of a man lying on the side of the road--a man she may have just killed. When she frantically tries to locate him, he seemingly disappears, just the beginning of strange occurrences in her life. She also cannot ignore the weird sensations in her own body. Suddenly, the impossible seems possible, but is that a blessing or a curse?

Believing that her continual and worsening nightmares are both the key to her own new abilities and the clue to her father's death, Addie knows she will not rest until she has the answers she craves. As she strives to cope with her new remarkable talents, someone else learns of her abilities--a disgruntled maniacal psychopath with his own agenda that involves eliminating Addie. The only one who can protect her, instruct her in the use of her powers and teach her how to destroy the murderous monster is the same man who makes Addie's heart race and her blood heat with passion. The same man she'd left for dead.

Cael Sheridan may be arrogant and mysterious but he's also undeniably gorgeous. A member of a secret society, he is sworn to protect the woman he believes to be the daughter of his recently murdered mentor. In the process, he finds it impossible to resist her magnetic sensuality, complicating his efforts to shield and guide her as she learns to manage her newly acquired skills. At the same time, Addison has much to teach him about trust and commitment. Will fate win in the end? You be the judge.

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Enter to win 
Hot & Wild, De La Cruz Saga  and 
Hot & Adorable, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias 

Patricia Macias
1. County Girls, Tressa Messenger
2. Luna Sanguis, Simon Okill
3. The Brevity of Roses, Linda Cassidy Lewis
4.     Searching for Moore, Julie Richmond
5. Whisper Cape, Susan Griscom
Kristine Cayne
1. Fender Bender Blues, Niecey Roy
2. An Illusion of Trust, Linda Cassidy Lewis
3. Wilder’s Woman, Laura Taylor
4.     Moon Beach Magic, Natasha Alexander

1. Shayla’s Story, Beverly Preston
2. Take a Chance on Love, Christi Williams
3. Consume Me, Paige Matthews
4.     Moore to Lose, Julie Richmond

Dana Mason
1. Winter in Paradise, T.C. Archer
2. Portrait of Our Marriage, Martha Emms
3. See How She Runs (The Chronicles of Izzy), Michelle graves
4.     Aberration, Lisa Regan

Barbie Harrera
1. Midnight Storm, Laura Taylor
2. Burning Prey, Harper Jewel
3. Luna Aeturnus, Simon Okill
4.     Finding Claire Fletcher, Lisa Regan
1. Loco, Razer 8, Patricia Macias
2. Trent & Trey, Harper Jewel
3. Queens of Storms, Ashen White

Dana Delamar
1. Hot & Sassy, DeLaCruz Sage, Patricia Macias
2. Kym Grosso, Logan’s Acadian
3. Finding Esta (The Supes Series)

Harper Jewel
1. Precious Embrace, Dana Mason
2. The Bend-Bite-Shift Box Set, Olivia Hardin
3. Malavita, Dana Delamar


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I'd buy a/some books off of my wishlist. That thing is growing too much!

smiles said...
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Julianne Keller said...

I'd have to give it some thought. There are soooooo many books that I'd like to buy! I'm am strongly considering buying the entire Razor 8 series by P.T. Macias.

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Thanks for the giveaway! Lots of wonderful books to win! I have a large wish list so I'm not sure what I would buy!

pat gadsden-gill said...

Would buy books off wishlist and some new authors

pat gadsden-gill said...

Would buy books off wishlist and some new authors