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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ricky Fall, Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

 Chapter Eight 
54105a292e (1)Ricky holds Jacki close. I don’t believe it. I just made love and not just sex. This has been awesome. She bonded to my alma and drives me loco. I need to talk to her and get her name, thinks Ricky caressing her sweet heart. Oh yeah, she’s so ready for me, thinks Ricky feeling her hot mouth on his nipple.
Hmm, si, one more time and then I have to leave, thinks Jacki straddling him. She scoots down, taking him completely to the hilt, moaning with pleasure. “Wow, I love how you feel inside me. You’re mouthwateringly delicious,” moans Jacki moving up and down.
Ricky takes her breasts in his hands, taking small nibbles and then sucking her sweet tight nipples, going crazy. Damn she’s incredible. I love every single part of her, thinks Ricky drunk on pasión.
They reach their release, gazing into each other’s eyes, and bonding their alma. Ricky holds her tight to his corazon.
After a few moments, Jacki stands and runs into the ocean. She laughs with joy, feeling her nipples tighten from the cool water. Oh, I’m aching with pleasure, thinks Jacki grabbing her breasts with enjoyment.couples (5)
The cool water is supposed to calm down my pasión, thinks Jacki. Ricky pulls her close, kissing her, and touching her sweet nipples. “Damn you’re so hot. I can’t get enough of you,” says Ricking pulling her up, impaling his hot aching shaft.  Jacki wraps her legs around his waist, moving against him.
Ricky goes down onto the sand and takes Jacki with fierce pasión. He pounds in and out with desperation, holding her tight, and devouring her mouth.
Oh si, he’s so hot and delicious. How am I going to live without making love? I will always want to, ponders Jacki pulling him closer. Their pasión is scorching hot, not even the cool water can quench it.
They lay on the sand with the waves beating against them. Jacki loves every moment. I don’t want to leave, but I know that it’s getting late, thinks Jacki.
Jacki shifts and stands. She starts walking towards the pile of clothing. She pulls on her dress. I don’t know where my panties are at, oh well. Nobody will know that they’re mine, thinks Jacki turning to watch Ricky pull on his clothes.
They walk back to the party. Most of the people are drunk and dancing. Nobody notices Ricky and Jacki return with wet hair. Jacki goes to get another wine cooler and takes a drink.
Ricky pulls her back into his arms, whispering. “Let’s dance,” says Ricky pulling her to the dance floor.
“Okay,” replies Jacki smiling in wonder up into his hermosos green eyes. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down closer.
Hell yes, I’m going to enjoy every minute that she’s in my arms. She has me in a perpetual red hot raging ache, ponders Ricky giving her hungry hot besos.
They dance for a while. They relish holding each other tight. After a while Jacki starts to look around over his shoulder for her amiga Angela.
“Who are you looking for?” asks Ricky standing next to her, wrapping his arm around her small waist.
“I’m looking for my amiga Angela,” replies Jacki turning to gaze at him, smiling.
Jacki hears Angela laugh and turns to the other side searching for her. Angela is in the corner kissing a Chico. Hmmm, I wonder if she’s ready to leave, wonders Jacki.
Ricky holds her close, thinking of their love making. “Don’t go,” says Ricky in her ear, taking a nip. “I need to make love to you again.”
“I have to leave,” says Jacki, blushing. Si I love to make love with Ricky, but I can’t be another one of his muñecas. I have to learn to live without him. He’s probably won’t stick around for long, thinks Jacki nodding.
Angela walks over to them smiling. “Where did you go? I was looking for you. We have to go,” says Angela looking over at Ricky.
“Okay, let’s go,” replies Jacki walking out of Ricky’s arms. She turns to smile at Ricky. “I have to leave. Adios.”
“I can take you to your casa. I need to talk to you,” says Ricky with frustration. “I need some information.”
“We have to go. That was my ex and he’s not leaving me alone. Come on, we need to leave,” says Angela walking away.
Jacki goes up on tip toes and pulls him down for one last hungry beso. “Adios,” says Jacki gazing into his hermosos green eyes. She turns and follows Angela out of the party.
“Wait,” yells Ricky following her. “Tell me your name.”
Jacki and Angela couldn’t hear him. They weaved in and out of the crowd, losing Ricky. Angela’s carro is parked near the front door and they jumped in.  Ricky reaches the front door and sees the carro driving out of the gate.
Hell no! There she goes running away again. I don’t get this. I know that she feels the same as I do. I know that she loved making love. I know that she has my name tattooed on her hip near her awesome sweet heart. I love everything about her. I know and feel that she’s only mia. Why is she always running away from me? I know that the alcohol made her uninhibited and that’s why she made love. Damn it all to hellShe was a virgin! What the hell, ponders Ricky with frustration. I need her name and number so I can see her again. I can’t seek her out at work.
Ricky walks back inside and grabs a Corona. He strides furiously out to the beach. He quickly walks down the same path that they had taken, gulping down the Corona with frustration. He walks until he’s at the spot where they made love. He sits down finishing off the Corona. He puts back one hand to lean on it and crosses his legs looking out into the ocean.
How am I going to forget her? I have been going loco for her before we made love. Now I know that she’s mia, only mia for eternity.  I want her in my vida. I wouldn’t give her up. I want to know everything about her. Why didn’t she tell me her name? She knows she’s mine. She tattooed my name on her! Damn it all to hell. I’m going crazy, ponders Ricky moving his hand.
Uh, what is this? Hell yes, these are her panties! I’m keeping them, thinks Ricky bringing them up to his face. He inhales her scent, getting instantly hard. Si I want her now and for eternity.
*  *  *
Wow, I can’t believe what I have done. I made love with Ricardo Emmanuel my eternal enchantment. I don’t want to think of any consequences. I know that he didn’t use a condom. I loved every precious moment. I don’t care if it’s wrong. I know that he might never talk to me again, but I will always have these memories. I know that I was a little drunk and I didn’t think about it twice.8yh89yam3
When I saw Ricky asking me to dance, I was enthralled.  I only wanted to feel him, to smell him, and to fill all of my senses with him. I love him, ponders Jacki gazing out of the window.
So why did you disappear?  Were you with that guapo Chico? Who is he? Is he tu novio? I was talking with Eduardo. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I don’t want to go back. He hurt me when he betrayed me,” says Angela glancing over at Jacki.
“No Angela, he’s not my novio. He’s muy cute, cute,” replies Jacki nodding. I can’t tell Angela or anyone else what has happened. It was awesome and my own secret.
“Why didn’t you tell me that Eduardo cheated on you? You never wanted to talk about it. I thought it was a good thing when I saw you with him.”
“No it’s not good. I never wanted to discuss it, because it hurt. Eduardo was begging me all night to return to him. I can’t trust him, but I do love him,” replies Angela forgetting all about Ricky and Jacki.
“I don’t know what to tell you Angela. I don’t have any experience in the novio thing. What I do know is that it is hard to meet a Chico that you’re attracted to and like,” replies Jacki turning to look out the window.
Now it’s going to be even harder to forget Ricky, ponders Jacki. She wipes away a tear that slipped out of her eye.
They arrive at Angela’s casa. Jacki strides to her carro. “Adios amiga, call me,” calls out Jacki turning to the carro.  She drives to her casa and runs inside. She goes to her room. I need to take a shower. I’m full of sand, thinks Jacki.
Hmmm, I can see all of Ricky’s love bites. Oh yeah, he was incredible. I wonder if he saw my tattoo. I love him, thinks Jacki walking into the shower.
She lathers up the wash cloth and runs it over her body. Wow, my body is still sensitive from all of his loving making. She runs her fingers over her breasts and touches her nipples remembering his mouth. Damn, now that I know how he feels, I’m going to go crazy with need, thinks Jacky feverishly. Uh, I better turn the water to cold!
Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias 
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