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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wolff's SEAL Heart By P.T. Macias New Release Book 2 Wolff Dynasty

Meet Wolff!


Hell, I’m going to ask them to take me home. I can’t stay here. It’s crazy scary here. Nicole Porras is a
Mexican-American girl from San Jose, California. She runs after them and grabs Wolff’s right arm.

“Please, oh please don’t leave me here. I’m Mexican American and I want to go home to California. Please don’t leave me.” 

The beautiful Mexican-American girl looks up at Wolff. Her scared wide brown eyes shine brightly. Tears slip down her face. 

Wolff looks down, inhales deeply, and shudders. Hell, oh damn no! Her hand is burning and setting me on fire. I can’t believe my fucking luck! This is the soft, spicy-floral scent that I smelled outside. She’s my mate! A Mexican- American human mate! 

He grinds his molars in an effort to control the intense emotions running rampant through his body.

“Wolff, we have to take them back with us.” 

“McKenzie, evacuate!” Officer Ford yells into the speaker. 

“There are American girls here!” 

Lieutenant Commander Ramirez closes his eyes and grinds his teeth together, in frustration. 

“How many?” 

Wolff turns to look at the other girls and then looks down at his beautiful mate. He gazes into her eyes and falls deeply into her soul. 


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