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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fallen Angels! ~ Romance of Mythical Empires By P.T. Macias

Fallen Angels! 

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Oh yeah, I'm excited!Azazel

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Angels Of The Fallen: Azazel
The Watchers

She stops in front of Crystal, glaring at her, and pointing her finger. “You never want to believe me! You believe me now because of your boyfriend!”

Cryssi raises her hands to push back her hair from her face. She then crosses her arms below her full firm breasts.

“I’m so sorry,” whispers Crystal, closing her eyes.

Cryssi turns to her right, her eyes widened as she sees Sam appear with Azel in his arms. She walks over closer to Crystal.

“Sis, where did they come from?”

Cryssi points at Sam and Azel as all of her color drains from her face. She stares at Azel’s naked body in all of his splendid glory. Her hands shake as she anxiously pushes them through her long hair.

Fuck, he’s beautiful but so sick. What’s wrong with him? Who could hurt him so viciously? He’s bleeding! Why is he naked? I can’t stand the intense pain that I feel. Hell, why do I feel his pain, his wild hunger? I can feel his soul!

Azel’s head bobs from side to side in the nook of Sam’s arm as Sam moves to talk to Crystal. Azel listlessly opens his eyelids. His curly black lashes frame beautiful light gray eyes that gaze right into Cryssi’s shocked eyes. The faint silver specks sparkle erratically as he stares at Cryssi. His eyelids feel heavy and close halfway. He watches her intently, feeling his tired old soul stir. He gasps for air, forcing his eyes to open.

Hell, she’s mine. I feel her deep in my soul but I feel her fear and pain. Damn it! She’s broken!

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Angels Of The Fallen: Samyaza
The Watchers

Angels Of The Fallen: Azazel
The Watchers

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The Watchers

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Romance of Mythical Empires By P.T. Macias

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