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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Wolff's Mate By P.T. Macias New Release

Hello Angels!!

Please meet ICE!!

OMG, you're going to love him!

She feels that she's too old, but he wants her!

Enjoy a nibble!

“Elliot that was absolutely wonderful. I loved making love with you.”

Ice rubs her back and holds her tight and he closes his eyes. I’m not going to let her go because she’s my mate. I’m going to bond her to me. She doesn’t know it but she’s mine. I have to work on her because I know she has issues with our ages but she won’t after I tell her the truth.

“Sweet Honey, I want you to stay with me tonight. It’s Friday and we can have a beautiful time this weekend,” whispers Ice. He closes his eyes and prays that she accepts.

Irene opens her eyes and shifts to look at him. “You’re serious? Omg why would you want an old lady like me around for an entire weekend? Look at me, I’m too old for you,” says Irene blinking up at him. She raises her right eyebrow at him.

“Irene you’re not that much older.” Ice gazes into her eyes. “Let me have this weekend with you, please.”

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Wolff's Mate, Wolff Dynasty


The FBI Director seeks intel and discovers more than he counted on. His mate is in trouble and time is running out. The mature widow is oblivious to what she has in her hands. The tall handsome stranger awakens her passions and love. She's forced to make life changing decisions, forget her insecurities, and liberate her passions.

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 A Wollf's Mate

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