Angels Of The Fallen, The Watchers

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Angels Of The Fallen Book Of Samyaza, The Watchers Creed By P.T. Macias

Hello Angels,

This is a special newsletter!

My HOT new release is now available for pre-order!

Come on over to the dark side and play with the fallen angels, The Watchers.

They're hot, so hot! Scorching hot! Very, very naughty!

Sexy as HELL!


You Gotta meet all twelve angels! 
There are evil forces that threaten humanity. 
Time is running out! 

Can the angels save the world from evil?

Angels Of The Fallen Book Of Samyaza,
The Watchers Creed 
By P.T. Macias

Available now for Pre-order

Please add Samyaza to your wish list and follow me.

Enjoy the trailer! You'll love it!

Coming Soon!
Angels Of The Fallen
Book OF Samyaza 11.15.15
Book Of Azazel 12015 ~ 2016
Book Of Apollyon 2016
Book Of Lucifer 2016
Book Of Arakiel 2016
Book Of Kabaiel 2016
Book Of Daniel 2016
Book Of Ramiel 2016
Book Of Armaros 2016
Book Of Zaqiel 2016
Book Of Baraqiel 2016
Book Of Êzêqêêl 2016
The Watchers Creed

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A Vhampier's Forbidden Wolf By P.T. Macias

Moon's Law
By Michelle Fox

Wolf Next Door

By Heather Long

A Bear in Need
By Christa Kelley

Imogene White Wolf Matriarchs series Book 1
By Crystal Dawn

Racing the Alpha 
By P. Jameson

Her Forbidden Alpha
By Tabitha Conall

Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves
By Annie Nicholas

Shifter: Swipe Left for Love (Dina)
By Ariana Hawkes

Into the Unknown
By Bethany Shaw

Between Two Wolves
By Catherine Vale

By the Horns By
Rachael Slate

Desirable By
Elle Thorne

Caedmon Wolves Volume I
By Ambrielle Kirk

Inherited Thorns
By Samantha Sidelinger 

Desert Hunt
By Anna Lowe

The Werewolf Bodyguard
By Michele Bardsley

Crying Wolf
By Rochelle Paige

Loving Their Vixen Mate
By Vella Day

By Kate Kent

Heat Rising: A KinKaid Wolf Pack Story
By Jessica Lee

Mating Addiction
By Abraham Steele (Ruby Glass)

One Night with the Demon Prince By Mina Carter

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