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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Alpha’s Fairy Kiss By P.T. Macias
Mystical Summer Love will include my new release Alpha’s Fairy Kiss.
Release day June 28th!
Enjoy #Shiftersbite!
The night is dark, cold, and sinister in the narrow alley under the bridge in Southern 

California. The sea mist cloaks the area, providing a short reprieve for Kayli Jerkins.
Kayli pulls her legs up closer to her chest and wraps her arms around them to keep warm.

She looks around her surroundings through the blond locks wrapped around her face.
She shivers uncontrollably as the cold wind blows through her thin satin tank top, causing

 goosebumps. She blinks rapidly to control her fear and her tears. The small crystal tears

 slide down her face, leaving smudges.
Her pale blue eyes glow with soft pink sparkles and her lovely blond hair glistens in the

 moonlight. Her fair skin shimmers a light rose color. She bites her lower lip to control their

What the hell is going on? My new friends scared me and now want to use me as a prize for

the portal keeper.
The portal keeper to what and where? Everything that they did tonight makes no sense

Where in the world did they get such a crazy idea? I’m not a Fairy! I’m just a regular girl, 

trying to survive.

I was in a foster system until I turned eighteen. That was only a couple of years ago. I made 

friends and I work at the coffee shop. I really thought that I finally had control of my life. 

Now, I’m scared to death!

They said that they want to open the portal to the abyss. Crazy!
"I’m not a Fairy!”
She yells, forgetting the danger that she’s in. She quickly moves her hands up to the mouth. 

Her huge blue eyes open wide and her pupils dilate.
Crazy idiots want to use, to sacrifice me, to open the portal. The portal to what, they never 

I can’t believe that they’re witches! They changed in front of my eyes from the fun-loving 

group to the scary cold people who appeared to be in trances. Their eyes were glowing red 

and they looked so diabolical.
She trembles and shakes as she recalls how they changed to complete strangers. She blinks 

rapidly to stop her tears and grasps her knees.
She turns to her right and sees the huge building next to the mountainside.
“Wow, I've never seen that building before.”
She blinks and starts to relax. Her natural abilities and her true fairy essence permit her to 

see the supernatural building.
“Fuck! I think that we lost her!!”
Roger yells out in frustration, looking around the dark mountainside and across the beach.
Omg, omg they’re really close. I have to run to that building. I feel that it's safe. That’s so 

odd. I always feel when something's good for me but I never feel when I am going to be in 

danger. Oh wow!

She crouches and then sprints through the trees and into the parking lot. She runs towards 

door that looks open.
She stops at the door and looks at the huge guards. They look at her and nod.
“Welcome, fairy.”
Bronx, a huge wolf smiles at her, and opens the door wide enough for her to enter the 

She looks at them stunned but hurries in when she hears Roger and Samuel in the woods.
“Yeah, thanks.”
She nods and walks inside a club. The club music is loud, and the lights dance around the 

club to the beat of the music.
Her beautiful pale blue eyes widen, surprised. She forgets about her fears. A powerful 

interest and ingrained recognition bloom in her.
She continues to walk inside the club and runs into a huge, hard, muscular body. She stops. 

Her body bounces back, and she looks up. Her blue eyes widen and the soft pink specks in 

them sparkle brightly. Her skin glows softly with the lights and her lips look deep red.
Baxter moves quickly and places his hands on her small waist to keep her from falling back 

onto the floor.
She moves her hands up and holds onto his wide shoulders. Her eyes roam quickly over 

Baxter's huge, wide shoulders and up into hi’s smiling face.
“Well, I found my own little fairy.”
“Huh? Fairy?”
“Yeah, sweetie. I can smell your delicious spicy berry scent. Hell, you’re intoxicating!”
“Ah, right. Is it possible to ask you to please help me?”
He moves his hands up her back, enjoying the feel of her silky-soft skin.
Damn, she’s driving me insane! My body is totally burning for her. What the hell! Oh, fuck, 

this is starting to get painful. Hell!
He inhales deeply and exhales, shuddering. He pulls her closer and leans in to smell her.
“Sweetie, you can ask me anything you want.”
Oh, my. My body is so aching for him. His smell is so sexy. His touch is burning into my 

soul. A delicious fiery tingle is racing in my blood. This is insane!
“I need your help. Please!"
She trembles in his arms and she holds onto his shoulders to keep from falling down onto 

the floor.
Oh, my knees feel like they’re going to give out. I’m so happy and scared.
Wait! He said that I’m a fairy. What’s going on? I’m so confused.

Her eyes tear up and she bites her lower lip to keep it from trembling.
“Please help me.”
Baxter gazes into her eyes. Oh yeah, I’m connecting with her. I feel her soul and my soul are 

merging. What the fuck!
Baxter’s eyes widen and he nods. His beautiful green eyes glow, and he gazes into her huge 

blue eyes.
“Fuck! Fairy, you’re my soul mate!”
“Oh, my! What does that even mean? Please help me. You can tell me what that means 

Their gazes lock and she falls into his soul. She blinks rapidly and her tears trickle down her 

Oh wow! I feel his soul but I don’t know how I know that. I feel safe with him. I know that 

I’m going to be ok. What does that mean? I’m his soul mate?
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