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Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop March 14-21

Inner Goddess

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love St. Patrick's because it's my saints day. Please check out my hot new release! It's release day is on 3.15.15! 

Sugar's Fate, Alpha Shifters Love 
Sexy Alpha Shifters Love Big Beautiful Women (BBW Book 1) 
Copyright © 2015 By P. T. Macias.

Excerpt -

Artemis turns to slide onto the bed and waits for the Doctor to show. She clasps her hands tightly, closes her eyes, and nods. “Yes, I have to ask him to run some tests.”

Dr. McKenzie walks down the hall to the last room. He knocks on the door, waiting for admittance.

“Come in.”

He opens the door and walks into the small room. The overpowering sensual spicy scent knocks him off balance. His wolf glows brightly, burning, and flashing red. He shudders, grinds his jaw tight to control the growl that threatens to escape, and turns quickly to look at Artemis. His golden brown eyes glow. Fucking hell, she’s my mate! She’s the one in my dreams and fuck, she’s sexy as hell. Now I’m totally out of control.

Artemis looks at him. Her eyes looks at his shiny black leather shoes, then move up his expensive, perfectly pressed navy blue wool slacks, and his white shirt under the white doctor coat. She inhales deeply, and her body explodes into a burning shiver. She shudders, her eyes moves up to his sexy jawline, and stops at his full luscious red lips. She trembles, her eyes widen. Shit, he looks and smells delicious. How embarrassing is this? The doctor is the sexist guy ever!

He smiles, slowly gazing into her beautiful green eyes. He closes the door gradually, as if in a trance, looking her over slowly, and nods. “Hello, I’m Dr. McKenzie.” He walks over to her, clenching his jaw to control his emotions.

She blushes, nods at him, moving her hands up to push her hair back from her flushed face. “Hi Dr. McKenzie.” She moves her hands back to her lap and clenches them tightly together in an effort to control her emotions. A burning shiver runs through her body, the intense feelings run rampant, setting her on fire. Her nipples are sensitive and aching, protruding under the gown, so ready for his attention.

Easton's eyes narrow. They moves down the gown to her breasts, and he swallows his growl. Fucking hell, I’m dying. This is excruciatingly painful. Hell, my mate’s nipples are mouthwatering, even more than in my dreams. I wonder if they’re as beautiful.

He moves his gaze up, he looks into her amazing eyes searching for her recognition. She’s the one in my dreams, my mate. I know it like I know that I’m going to claim her, soon. The sooner the better because I can’t control my wolf for long.

He stops in front of her and inhales deeply, closing his eyes. Hell, I have to act like a professional. I don’t smell a lot of wolf but she’s my mate. She’s only half wolf, damn it. Yeah, in my dreams that’s been a factor that I haven’t wanted to accept as true. She’s doesn’t know that she’s my mate, a wolf, or else she would be all over me. Just my fucking luck. Her scent is causing chaos to my body and my cock is anxious to bury deep inside her sweet fiery pussy. I’m totally ready to fuck until we get our fill of each other because she’s been teasing me and my wolf for a long time.

Artemis bites her lower lip to prevent her moan. Shit, I’m so turned on by Dr. McKenzie, like I’ve never been turned on by any man before. This is painful and, embarrassing, and he’s totally out of my league.

She closes her eyes, the images of the man in her dreams instantly surface. She blushes and inhales, then shudders as his scent arouses her senses.

Shit, oh shit! He’s the guy in my dreams. But I don’t know him. How in the world could this be? Does he know me? No, no I’m crazy, he can’t know me because it’s only in my dreams that I see him. He doesn’t have a clue who I am.

Dr. McKenzie grinds his molars, clenches his fists, and walks over to the sink. He washes his hands. I really want to throw cold water on my face to see if I can cool down this fucking need. Hell! This isn’t the right place to meet your mate for the first time and especially to perform a medical evaluation when I only want to love her, but cannot. I can learn all about her later.

He turns around, forces a small smile on his lips, his feverish eyes glow. I hope that I’m not scaring her because in my dreams she’s always scared of what and who I am.

“Ms. Evans, is there a particular concern that you have?” He walks slowly over to her, trying to gaze into her eyes to stay grounded.

Artemis nods, blushing. “Yes, Dr. McKenzie I would like a prescription for birth control and I would like to have some tests run.”

His eyes open wide, almost a glare. Fucking hell! She wants birth control. What the fuck for? Yeah, hell not going to happen because she’s mine. 
He nods and turns to grab some gloves furiously out of the box on the wall. Fucking hell! I don’t want to even think about that! What the fuck!

He turns around and pulls out the table's extension. “Ms. Evans, please lay back and put your heels on the stirrups. I need to examine you.”

Artemis blushes, nods, and lays slowly back, closing her eyes. Oh shit, this is totally embarrassing. He’s going to see my thighs and my pussy. The first man to ever see my pussy.

Easton angrily gets the speculum, he carefully slides it inside to hold the walls of the vagina apart for a clear view of the cervix. He grabs the swab to take a swab of the cervix to get an example of the cells. “Please try to relax, this will take only a few minutes.”

Artemis eyes are closed tight and she inhales slowly, shuddering. Hell, this is too much. I have too many different emotions exploding in my body and mind.

He turns to look inside the vagina and notices that she’s still a virgin. Hell yes! Damn it, I didn’t expect this. What the fucking hell does she want the birth control if she’s not sexually active?

“Ms. Evans, you’re still a virgin.”

Artemis tightens her eyes, nodding. “Yes.” Her face turns a deeper red, almost the shade of a tomato.

Easton looks over at her, he observes her deep blush and shallow breathing. Hell, she’s so embarrassed.

“Why do you want birth control?”

Artemis blushes deepens a darker red. “I don’t want to get pregnant and you never know.”

Hell, she can’t get pregnant without me! Yeah, she doesn’t know this.
He gathers the sample and carefully takes out the speculum. He then pulls the gown back down slowly, trying not to look at her beautiful pussy. Yeah, I’m a doctor, don’t look at her like that. Hell, but she’s my mate. She looks so delicious. Hell I want to claim her, I want my mate, my wolf wants her, and I want to get her pregnant.

He walks over to the side of the bed to look down at her. He watches her beautiful breasts rise and fall with each breath. He closes his feverish golden brown eyes. He inhales deeply, burning up at her spicy scent.

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