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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bittersweet Dreams, An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions! Secret Sexy Passions Book 2

Did you meet Sean? Check out his interview. 1-click it!

I’m anxiously waiting for Sean Knight, drinking a mocha in the Sunset cafĂ©, watching the San Diego waves softly caress the sand. The sun is starting to set, illuminating the sky in a beautiful display of color.

Sean is one of 10 men nominated this year for the hottest, sexiest bachelor in the Southern California area. I’m going to interview him for the Southern California Gazette. He will be spotlighted as one of the 10 Most Sinfully Sexy Southern California Men for the Southern California. I know that a lot of ladies find him incredible.

Finally he’s here. Ladies, let me tell you, he’s incredible. Very, very delicious. He’s beautiful, tall, and sexy. He’s wearing jeans with a black, button up shirt. You can clearly see that his works out because he’s completely toned. His hair is light brown with golden high lights, and is collar length. He has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle with gold specks. Omg, when he smiles, he’s breathtaking.

“Hello, Mr. Knight. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I extend my hand out to him. “Would you care for something to drink?”

Sean smiles, nodding as he takes my hand in a firm grip. “Hi, Ms. Macias. It's nice meeting you as well. I would love some water, thank you. You can call me Sean. I’m totally shocked and excited by this nomination.” He pulls out the chair and slides onto it. A lock of hair falls over his forehead. He moves his hand to push it back into place.

I smile, nodding. Oh yeah, he’s a total hunk. “Sean, my staff works hard to locate outstanding bachelors in Southern California. We then run a contest to see who’s selected to be the top 10 bachelors. I’m glad that you managed to find time in your busy schedule to speak with me. I understand your time constraints.”

Sean nods, shifting in his chair. He places one hand on the table and gazes out into the ocean. He turns back, smiling. “Yes, it’s a busy time in my life. I’m on leave for the first time in several years. I’m going to take full advantage of my time.”

“Sean, I’ve learned from several sources that you entered into the elite Navy SEALs right out of high school. You actually went right into the SEAL Challenge Contract. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Would you tell me a little about your challenges? Sean, can you tell us what drives you?”

Sean smiles and leans back into his chair. He places a huge hand on top of the table. “Ma'am, I started training to be a SEAL when I was still in middle school. I have dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL since the moment I learned about them. I dreamed of being one of the guys on the SEAL team that rescued the victims from the evil in the world. My dad, a military commander, created an exercise routine for me to follow. I faithfully followed this routine so I could reach the proper performance level for the Physical Screening Test (PST). I worked hard to reach the standards for a SEAL PST candidate.” He reaches over to take a drink of water. He places the glass on the table. “What drives me? Well, I would say that dream of being a SEAL. The thrills and challenges that I encounter and overcome are an incredible high. I strive to excel and overcome all obstacles.” He grins at me and his beautiful eyes sparkle in the light.

I smile at him. I lean forward, and place my right cheek on the palm of my right hand. Geeze, he’s really something. “What’s Sean’s favorite guilty pleasure?" I ask slyly.

Sean grins, raises his right hand and runs his hand through his silky shimmering hair. He closes his eyes half way. He coughs, then laughs. “Oh wow, that would be my Sofia.”

I watch his eyes soften and sparkle with the thought of his Sofia. Yeah, he’s in love. “Sean, what’s your weakness?”

Sean closes his eyes and rubs his hand on his neck. He opens his beautiful green eyes and looks at me. “Sofia.” He stretches out his long legs and crosses his arms. He smiles a little secret smile.

I notice his casual, relaxed look but I know that he can sprint in a matter of seconds. I can see and feel his raw controlled energy. “Sean what is your fondest memory?”

“Ms. Macias, my fondest memory is of when I met Sofia for the first time. She’s the sweetest girl I know, and she’s my biggest treasure. She’s the only woman that rocks my world.”

“Sean, can you share three of your deepest, darkest secrets?” I watch him shift in his seat. He smiles a sexy little smile.

“Ms. Macias, my three deepest, darkest secrets involve Sofia. Sofia is my woman, she’s my world, and I’m going to marry her.” He crosses his arms and squints out into the ocean. I observe his confidence and the love exuding from his expressive face.

“A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in seven words or less?”

“Sean Spent Every Second Thinking About Sofia.” I smile at his response. Yeah, he’s deeply in love with Sofia. There’s no doubt about that.

"Sean, I’m going to ask you to finish these sentences.”

"The next time I will _________."

“The next time I will return sooner to my Sofia.”

"Why do I _________?"

“Why do I always have to hide my love?”

"Sean, what is your favorite sexy food?" I lean back in my chair grinning. Yeah, I can’t wait to hear this.

Sean laughs and shakes his head. “I love to eat honey and whipped cream.” He grins.

I nod at him and laugh. “Sean, it’s been a pleasure learning all about you. I thank you for your time and I wish you the best.”

Bittersweet Dreams, An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions! Secret Sexy Passions Book 2

Sean is an amazing confident young man that knows what he wants. He works hard to become a Navy SEAL! And, of course, he falls for a young beautiful girl, Sofia!

Sofia has been through several foster homes and is now in his home! She has locked up her heart and erected a wall. Will he be able to knock it down and touch her soul?

Life throws lots of curves and knocks them off the tracks. Will their love survive the obstacles blocking the road to HEA?

"Baby Girl, you own my soul. My heart beats for you. You're the only reason that I breathe! You're deeply etched into my psyche!” Sean Knight

Small little excerpt!!

Sean walks down to the last apartment in the corner. He knocks on the door, listening for any noise inside or outside.

Oh, wow! Someone is knocking and I have to finish getting ready to go to work. Shit! I wish Carol was here. Where did she go?

Sofia pulls on the sundress that’s across her chair. She slips her feet into her slippers and walks out of her room. She looks through the peephole and sees a black shirt, wide shoulders, and she looks up his neck to his face. Hell, I know that’s Sean. The shades don’t disguise his jawline. It’s him! Her jaw drops open, surprised. Wow, omg. He’s here. It’s Sean. What does he want now after all of this time? She pulls back, and leans on the door, chewing her lower lip.

I know I heard some steps. It has to be my Sofia. Sean leans forward and knocks again on the door, looking at the peephole. He slowly smiles at her.

Sofia looks into the peephole again and sees him smiling. Hell, he knows I’m home. She bites her lower lip.

Sofia opens the door and looks at him. She crosses her arms and waits for him to talk.

Sean grins at her and looks her over. Oh yeah, my Sofia looks the same, if not better. “Baby Girl, I’m home.”

Sofia glares at him and turns away. She walks into the living room. She stops at the sofa, and rests her hands on her hips. “Really, you're home? That means what?” She raises her eyebrow at him. She clenches her hands on her hips to control her rampant emotions of joy, anger, and hurt.

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