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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dark Sentinels Cover Reveal

Just finished the “Dark Sentinels” prequel in response to questions 
and requests, but since it is a prequel with events leading into “Dark 
Sentinels Book One: Sable,” it ends with a major cliffhanger. In other 
words, you’ll have to read book one to find out about the resolution. 
It introduces Syreena and tells her story with Cord. I’ll include this 
statement: Due to the unsettling cliffhanger at the end of this novella, 
it is suggested that you read “Dark Sentinels Book One: Sable” first. 
So…here’s the blurb.
“Dark Sentinels 1.5: Prequel”
Sometimes a girl has to go the extra mile to capture the man she loves,  
especially when she’s a sentinel wolf shifter from Washington State 
with no possible mates for miles. Orphaned in childhood, Dr. Syreena  
Adler learned at an early age to depend on her twin brother, Sable, 
and herself, but phone conversations with a Georgia sentinel she’s 
never seen spark unexpected desire.
Southern red wolf sentinel Cord Velasquez has spent his life atoning 
for the death of his entire family. He wants a life with Syreena, but 
when she surprises him with an impromptu visit, the realization of 
his greatest fear seems inevitable.

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Dariel Raye said...

Thank you so much for thinking of this, Patricia! I decided to remove the number from the title. Didn't want to confuse anyone and the events do take place before book one :-)