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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Redfox, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias Hot New Release!

Redfox, Razer 8 operative mission is to infiltrate the Police Commissioner's office and home. He has 72 hours to gather the intel on the Commissioner's dirty business.

Redfox charms his way into the Commissioner’s home, throwing him into the arms of his soul mate. The unexpected love rocks his world and the success of mission.

The Commissioner’s daughter, Marsha Diane Bryant is a lovely sweet young girl. She falls under Redfox spell and unconditionally bestows her soul.

Redfox fears losing his soul mate in the process of completing his mission. Can their love survive the storm?


The next day Redfox strides into the office. He smiles at Mary Jo, the receptionist. “Good morning,” says Redfox.

“Morning, Mr. Campbell,” replies Mary Jo, smiling. Dang, that man is hot.

Ron walks out of his office to talk to Redfox. He strides across to walk into Redfox’s office. “I want you to review all of these policies to make sure that we have them entered into the system. Bryant likes to review them on the laptop and not on paper,” says Ron.

“Sounds good,” replies Redfox, nodding.

“Separate the files that are not in the system. I’ll show you where to enter the new policies. You sure work fast. I’ve been biding my time to get close to Marsha Bryant,” says Ron. He glares at Redfox.

“Right, I don’t want to talk about my girl. That is your issue,” says Redfox.
Ron stands contemplating Redfox for a few. He clenches his fists with rage and storms to his office. He closes the door with anger.

Redfox raises his eyes to look across the room. He shrugs and he starts looking for the files in the system. Fucking jerk is stupid. He never had a chance with my Honey. Yeah, this is so boring, but oh, well. That’s what I’m here for. Damn, this is going to kill me, he thinks.

The task keeps him busy all morning. He’s surprised to see how time has passed. He stands to stretch, raising his arms up.

Marsha walks down the hall. She walks into the office, smiling at Mary Jo. ‘I’m going to talk to Mr. Campbell,” says Marsha, smiling.

“Yes, Ms. Bryant,” replies Mary Jo, nodding.

Oh, yeah. My Baby is in his office, thinks Marsha. She walks up silently to hug him.

Damn, someone is creeping up to me, he thinks. He swiftly turns to grab Marsha and pushes her against the wall. He stares into Marsha’s startled eyes.

Oh shit, it’s my sweet Honey. I’ll be damned. I need to remember that I’m here in an office, he thinks. He smiles quickly to hide his aggression.

“Omg, Scott, you scared me,” says Marsha, blinking up at him.

“Honey, I only want to steal a kiss,” replies Scott. He closes his eyes half way down. He zooms down to kiss her, leaning into her.

Hmmm, I love his kisses, she thinks. Marsha raises her arms and wraps them around his neck.

Hell, yes. She’s sweet. I love my Honey girl, he thinks. He pulls back to grin.

“Honey, is it lunch time?” asks Redfox. “Let’s go have lunch. I can’t wait to spend some time with you.”

“Oh, Baby, yes. I want to have lunch,” agrees Marsha.

Redfox smiles and takes her hand. He laces his fingers with hers. They walk out of the office. They wave at Mary Jo as they walk by.

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