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Sunday, April 28, 2013

De La Cruz Saga Fiesta

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias Readers Lovers Casa

I love it! It is Amazing, Exciting, Hot, Sexy, #Romantic #Suspense!

Wonderful News! Coming Soon!

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias Casa and Lovers. Love the De La Cruz Saga! Follow the saga role play website. Enjoy interacting with your favorite De La Cruz. Learn all about theDe La Cruz's lifestyles. Join in the fun. Become a De La Cruz. Participate in the role play. Invite your friends. Experience the romance, amor, passion, and suspense.

Do you want to see your favorite characters come to life? Do you want to be a part of the De La Cruz Familia? Would you like to party at the club with the Primos? Would you like enjoy a ride on the horses at the hacienda? Would you love to have Sunday dinner with the primos? 

We are searching for saga ambassadors/role players, to become the character. Who would like to become a hermosa chica or a guapo hombre. Contact Marsha Thomas Berg, Rose Destiny, or Jenni Love on Facebook and lets have a fiesta!!!!

♥ The De La Cruz series are endearing reads. The passion is always red hot and the romance between the characters always lead to great stories.
I really like reading about the closeness of the family and it's good to have these models in stories to help make us a better daughter, sister, cousin...etc.

Tony and Cynthia's story was definitely complicated and I felt for the characters as they were each challenged and experiencing such highs and lows of emotion.

Being able to read each of the characters thoughts in real time, help give you a greater insight into what they are each thinking or feeling and is quite unique to Patricia Marcias' writing style.The touch of Spanish helps make the characters more authentic, plus it's fun to pick up!

Tony and Cynthia developed a sizzling romance and it was a pleasure to go along for the ride. There are some minor errors but it doesn't detract from the storyline.


Hot & Spoiled, De La Cruz Saga
Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz is the familia architect. He’s the classic traditional macho Mexicano. He enjoys being single until the primos (his cousins) start falling in love. He contemplates seeking the chica (girl) of his dreams. 
Cynthia walks into his demanding, independent, and unconventional rocking his world. He deals with her father’s objections, issues, and abuse. Tony believes Cynthia’s father is the source of his family’s troubles. 
“She’s hot, sexy, and makes me burn like no one ever has. I just can’t be with her. She’s a spoiled demanding chica and I will not be her toy!” 
Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz
Small Taste ~
“Hola I’m Cynthia. Do you work here? Is your boss here? I need to talk to him. Can you go and look for him?” asks Cynthia. She looks at Tony. I wonder if he knows where the architect is at.
“Yeah, he’s here,” replies Tony. I wonder who this chica is. She’s pushy and demanding. I don’t like it, thinks Tony, attempting to calm down his body reaction to her nearness. 
“Okay, so where is he?” asks Cynthia. She looks around trying to find the architect that her Papa wants her to meet with.
“What do you want with him?” asks Tony with curiosity. I wonder what she wants with me. 
“I need to make sure that he designs the building exactly as we want the building to be built. I want him to review the land and get his thoughts on buildings,” replies Cynthia with a commanding voice.
Huh, hell no, I’m not taking her bullshit, thinks Tony annoyed. He looks at her from tip of her boots to the top of her glorious hair. Hell yeah, she makes me burn but she also makes me furious. Who in the hell does she think she is. She’s very condescending.
“Okay, let’s start this over,” says Tony taking a firm stance. “I’m Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz and you are?” he asks. He glares at her raising his eyebrow. He raised it with arrogance.
Cynthia stands there with her mouth gapping open. Wow! This hot hunk is the architect. I thought he was a worker and that the architect was an old fart, thinks Cynthia. 
I like him, ponders Cynthia, going to him, running her finger over his lower lip, and biting her lip. Oh yeah, I will taste him. I bet he makes love like being in heaven. I want him. I’m going to have him. 
She smiles gazing into his beautiful hazel eyes. “I’m Cynthia Lopez, your boss,” replies Cynthia, taking a step closer to give him a beso. 
She goes up onto her toes, pulls him down, giving him a hot, hungry beso. Si, he tastes scrumptious, thinks Cynthia, nibbling at his lower lip.
She takes Tony by surprise. He responds to her beso with red hot hunger. He wraps his arms around her small waist, pulling her closer. He tastes her with extreme pleasure. He moans, enjoying her taste. Damn yes, she tastes divine, he thinks. 
He then realizes what she had said and furiously pulls back glaring at her. “Look niña, I’m not your toy and you’re not my boss,” replies Tony. Tony’s intense anger blazes in his hazel eyes, turning them greener. He attempts to control his body’s reaction to her. 
Dios mio, she has me all worked up with just one beso. I have never felt this strong pasión before with any other chica, ponders Tony, clenching his jaw.
He steps back taking deep breaths, trying to control his anger, and his pasión. He turns to contemplate her surprised face. I need to be professional and polite to this chica. She is the customer, thinks Tony.
“So you’re Señor Lopez’s hija? Where is Señor Lopez? He requested that we meet to go over the plot and some building designs prior to completing the purchase transaction,” says Tony, taking control of his feelings. “He’s late.”
“My padre is late because his meeting is longer than he thought. He asked me to review everything with you,” replies Cynthia, taking a step closer to him. She faces him, almost touching. 
I see that he’s a real macho Mexicano and that he didn’t like me being aggressive. Too bad, because that’s the way I am. I want him. I will have him. He’s todo mio, only mio, ponders Cynthia, smiling.
This chica is bella, but she’s pushy. That’s exactly what I don’t want. She’s everything that I dreamed and I feel the attraction.

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