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Friday, January 11, 2013

Dreams Really Do Come True by Kameron Brook with Dirk Tyer

Hi Kamerone it's a pleasure to have you visiting  Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Dirk and I have been together for seventeen years, married for fourteen of those. We have two wonderful kids, a preschooler and a newly turned teenager. Our days consist of typical mom and dad duties but when the kids are tucked into bed, that’s when we can let our hair down. Not literally for Dirk though since he lacking in the hair department. J
How did you decided to enter the world of writing?
We used to write for each other all the time - divulging fantasies. Dirk has quite a mouth and imagination on him. After a night of dirty talk, I again told him to submit something. He then sat down and completed “Voyeur”, sent it in, and was contracted days later. No joke! 
For me - After much encouragement from him and Facebook friends, I took the plunge and submitted “Girls’ Night Out.” Another hit. Our next story, “New Beginnings” was our first collaboration and from there on out, we became a team in and out of the bedroom. (smiles)
What does your family think of your writing?
 A couple people in our family know we write but not the genre. We truly believe they would frown upon it so we chose to keep that part of our life private.
Where do you get your ideas?
They are either from a dream or during one of Dirk’s dirty talk sessions. J
Can you tell us a little about your book? 

“Dreams Really Do Come True” came about from a solitary picture provided to me by a friend. It showed two women embracing and from that, this sweet and short story emerged. 
What is your writing process? 
Neither Dirk nor I have a set schedule when we will write. If something pops into our head, we will open up the laptop and start typing or if the children are around, we will try to get it down that night. 
Unfortunately our writing location is the same --- corner seat on the sectional. Yes, we battle for it and I usually win. 
What was the hardest part for you when working on your book? 
If we were submitting to our house, I would say word count limit. (6,000 for us)
In general, making sure we aren’t repetitive in word usage. “Felt” is an easy word to fall back on.
What influenced or inspired you to write? 
Dirk is my inspiration. I love the effect my writing has on him. (wink, wink) 
Was there a scene that you didn’t add or you removed in your finished work? 
We intended Dreams to be short and sweet. It was our test story in the self-publishing world. So, no scene was added or removed. We agreed everything fit in the 5,000 read.  
Do you have a favorite character (from you're book)? Why?
Oh how can I choose between two sexy women? Impossible. (winks) 
Do you already know what to write next? Can you tell us? 
We are currently working on two short stories. The first centers on a sexual bucket list, which will have oodles of sex scenes in it (M/F/F, M/M, and M/F/M). The other will be a M/F/F of a female friend who comes for a visit and becomes their third in the marriage. Oh and we have a story coming out February 17th, “Sinfully Delicious” (M/F). 
Where can we find more information about you and your books? 
Goodreads' links: 
Amazon Author Pages: 
Do you have any last words?
I want to thank you for graciously taking time out of your day to chat with me. As always, it’s a pleasure. For those who have read one or more of our stories, thank you. For those who haven’t, I hope you’ll consider giving us a go. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Thank you Kamerone for sharing your work.  Please visit again.  
Dirk Tyler: "Voyeur" (Classified as M/M and M/M/F) 
After a long day at a business conference, Nate meets Jay over drinks. Then Brooke, Nate’s wife, gives him a devilish idea.
What happens next is beyond anything Nate could have imagined. Brooke’s sexy, playful mind sets the stage for an encounter Nate and Jay will never forget. 
(Purchase links)
 Kameron Brook: "Girls’ Night Out" (F/F)
"Touch me, Emily. Right here. Right now."
Emily's never been the daring type. Nor the kind of woman who does public displays of affection. But Neeka's order awakens the thrill-seeker hidden deep inside. For three long weeks, Emily has kept her crush on Neeka a secret. Tonight she's going to act out her fantasies and claim the woman of her dreams. 
(Purchase links)
Collaboration by Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook – “New Beginnings” (M/F)
"Eileen and Mitch have a happy marriage, but they've decided it's time to spice things up. Ashley and Travis seem like the perfect match."  
(Purchase link)
Dirk and Kam Collaboration, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” (M/M/F)
Whit and Miguel are happy together, but when Meaghan moves in next door they decide they'd like to add a third to their household. 
(Purchase link)
 Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Dreams Really Do Come True” (F/F)
Angi didn't plan on sleeping with her co-worker. She was still getting over a failed relationship. However after a night of movies, and too much wine, Angi passed out and then the most vivid dreams occurred. When she woke, she didn't fight the spark brewing all night. Angi took the initiative and made her dreams come to life.  
(Purchase links)

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