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Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot & Forbidden

Hot & Forbidden is heartbreaking, tantalizing and exciting.  Nicolas De La Cruz and Daniella De La Cruz fall in love. Their love rocks their world flinging them into pain, despair, and ecstasy.  

Nicolas is hot, sensitive, and captivating. Nick’s amor for Daniella is intense and passionate. Daniella De La Cruz is hot, sexy and sweet. Nick and Daniella recognize that they are alma gemelas (soul mates).

Nicolas De La Cruz leaves la familia to work in Washington. The close knit familia has no clue to the cause of the emotional rollercoaster that rocks Nicolas’ world. La familia is mystified and disturbed with his departure.
Daniella De La Cruz is expecting a bebe. She refuses to tell la familia who is the padre (father) of her bebe. Daniella dreams of the day she is reunited with her bebe’s father, her alma gemela.
Their love rocks their world. The forbidden is enticing and painful. Can they overcome the obstacles that threaten their amor? The familia’s secret is the key to unlock their love and set it free. 

Available Oct. 2012

Tiny morsel ~

Hmmm, mi primo is finally realizing that Danni is always en casa. He doesn’t have a clue 

when and where she sees her novio. After all of these years, la familia is finally wondering 

about Danni’s novio. This is unreal. What if her novio was a jerk that had her really 

controlled, and they didn’t even know anything about him.

Yeah, I think that we need to start planning our escape before someone figures out it’s me. I 

know that the entire familia will be pissed off at us and most likely it will be worse for me 

since I’m el hombre.

Damn it, I need to pray that Dios will help us out. Si, after being together all of this time, I will 

die if we’re forced to stay apart. I know that mi Danni es mi vida, es mi mujer, contemplates 


Months later- small crumb ~

“Si, mi hija, yo lo se, you have made me tan feliz. Mi Nicolas is being foolish. I can explain 

todo. Mi hija, I can see that you have both suffered. Daniella, why have you kept tu amor and

tu boda from la familia? Is it because your primos?” asks Tia Maria.

“Si, Tia, we couldn't stop from feeling this amor. We tried to ignore it, but as we got older, our 

amor got stronger,” says Danni with tears. “It has been really painful.” 

“Oh mi niƱa, you have suffered so much, and for no reason. You should have told me, us. I 

could have……..    (says Tia Maria, Nicolas mama).

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